We design and create things.


Our team is award-winning.

While Zanderlake is just a Sole-proprietorship under a single person, it acts as a "think-tank," with people that volunteers to help advance Zanderlake's projects and developments. Contact our team whenever you are ready to get your project or idea started!


Alex graduated at the top of his class with a Masters in Architecture back in 2016. He currently works at an architecture firm, but while he loves doing architecture, he likes designing other things. Then he founded Zanderlake. You'll find him working on graphics and renderings on a PC that is suprisingly 7 years old now.

An expert on electrical systems and software engineering, Gustavo helps with providing realistic, and sometimes simple, solutions to complex problems. He speaks Spanish, English, and Elvish, depending on his mood.

Sometimes known as "The Old Guy," Daniel graduated with a Bachelors in Architectural Studies, and now, he likes to build furniture and work in real-estate. He helps streamline Zanderlake's operations in order to make sure we focus on what we do best.

Zach is credited with pushing us towards 3D prototyping. He is also credited with exploding two printers.